I am a thirty-something software engineering researcher with interests in computer science, traveling, literature, and politics.


Prior to completing a Ph.D. in software engineering, I attained diploma degrees in computer science with philosophy minor and in business informatics. During computer science I attended advanced courses in artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, software construction, and software project management. Computer science was completed with a thesis on Self-Maintaining and Self-Monitoring Autonomous Systems and business informatics was completed with a thesis examining the effects of Cultural Influences on ERP Systems. Since 2016, I am a postdoctoral researcher at Software Engineering at RWTH Aachen university, where we research software language engineering and model driven development in the context of software-intensive cyber-physical systems.

academic service

Organization of 5th Workshop on the Globalization of Modeling Languages at MODELS 2017, Tutorial on Language Engineering with The GEMOC Studio at ICSA 2017, Workshop on Model-Driven Robotics Software Engineering 2017 at STAF 2017, Workshop on Model-Driven Knowledge Engineering 2015 at ERF 2015, Software Engineering 2013.

Programm comittee of several conferences and workshops including EXE 2017, Robotic Computing 2017, SLE 2017, ETFA 2017, MiSE 2017, MORSE 2016, ETFA 2016, DSLRob 2015, MORSE 2015, ETFA 2015, DSLRob 2014.

Reviewer for the journals Empirical Software Engineering, Journal of Software Engineering for Robotics, Business & Information Systems Engineerin.

Commission for Teaching (KfL) of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University



For my software engineering Ph.D. thesis - An Extensible Component & Connector Architecture Description Infrastructure for Multi-Platform Modeling - I applied model-driven engineering with architecture description languages (ADLs) and application-specific behavior modeling languages to robotics. This covers from modeling language development to language integration to code generator composition. The toolchain to combine MDE and robotics is the MontiArcAutomaton modeling framework which comprises a component & connector ADL, component behavior DSLs, a modular language integration framework, compositional code generators, and model transformations to facilitate development and increase reuse of robotics applications. With this, we model robotics applications for different platforms, which employ application-specific behavior languages, compose different code generators, and rely on a modular library mechanism. Besides this, I am also interested in software architectures, and modeling languages for robotic assembly (see LightRocks).




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Besides software engineering and robotics, I also like travelling. Below you find selected photos from travels starting in 2011.


You can contact me via Software Engineering at RWTH Aachen or twitter. Videos of our lab courses and research results are avaible from youtube. Some academic meta data on my publications is available from google scholar